First successful S2DES community meeting on March 6, 2017

The first joint meeting of core partners and associated partners of the project S2DES with experts and interested parties took place on March 6, 2017 on the property of the UFZ (Centre for Environmental Research) in Leipzig.
Not only did all 50 participants get the chance to get to know each other but they also gained practical insights into the use of data beyond domain boundaries during two keynote speeches. A concrete example for this was given in the presentation of Prof. Dr. Andreas Mazarakis (Centre for Human Biometeorological Research of the German Meteorological Service) “Human biometeorological warnings and risk indication for the general public” while the presentation “Challenges for data security?!” by lawyer Katja Rengers (SpiritLegal) set the focus on data integration of various sources that is compliant with data protection.
In two parallel workshops on the subjects “Cooperative use of data beyond domain boundaries in urban regions” and “Data integration beyond domain boundaries in agricultural systems”, participants discussed the planed validation scenarios from different perspectives and refined the scenarios, especially with regard to the identification of added values for the respective partners and forms of their participation.
Subsequently, the results of the workshops were presented to all participants.
During the closing get together all participants had the chance for individual discussions and to establish contacts. Moreover, the circle of supporters was further extended.

The event was very well received by all project members and another S2DES community meeting will take place in about one-year time.



First event of the project Smart Sensor-based Digital Ecosystem Services - S2DES with associated partners

On March 6, 2017, the first event of the Smart Sensor-based Digital Ecosystem Services - S2DES project will take place at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ in Leipzig together with the associated partners. The consortium is supported by numerous associated partners who will contribute their specific knowledge from various relevant fields to the project. Further, these partners will be participating in validation scenarios and therewith benefit directly from the project outcomes. This event does not only provide a platform for conversations and discussions but furthermore allows all participants to critically discuss the objectives of the validation scenarios and project ideas in order to further develop them with a practical orientation.

Successful kick-off meeting of the project Smart Sensor-based Digital Ecosystem Services - S2DES

On November 10, 2016, the kick-off meeting with the core partners of the project Smart Sensor-based Digital Ecosystem Services - S2DES took place at the University of Leipzig. Here, first results of the project partners were presented, e.g. the merging of spatial data in the "UrbanData" scenario, and the foundation for the next work steps in the project workgroups was created. Additionally, the kick-off meeting provided an opportunity for all participants to look beyond their own domain boundaries and consequently into numerous fields where they can benefit from a cooperation. Thus, the foundation for an exciting and insightful cooperation in the forthcoming four years was created.

Start of the InnoTeam project Smart Sensor-based Digital Ecosystems Services - S2DES

In October 2016, the consortium, consisting of three scientific and six business partners with eleven permanent employees, entered into its four-year cooperation. Smart Sensor-based Digital Ecosystem Services - S2DES addresses the technological and economic issues of cross-domain usage of sensor data. Through an exchange of information between different fields of knowledge, companies or special fields - according to various studies - a considerable additional benefit can be gained from already existing information. However, in order to actually benefit from these opportunities, some challenges have to be faced first, e.g. in terms of data fusing, data protection or business models. For this reason, S2DES will develop methodological support for cross-domain usage of data and subsequently validate it in several scenarios.

The S2DES project is sponsored by the Sächsische Aufbaubank as part of the funding program InnoTeam - a project co-financed by the European Social Fund.